Utilizing transparent and flexible engagement models, we create complex software products and IT solutions for late-stage startups, mid-market firms, and Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries.

Business Applications

In the modern digital age business applications ensure the efficiency of business processes, create new opportunities, open new markets and enable digital revenue streams. Business needs code. The code is delivered in the most efficient and agile way based on secure
architecture and best practices.

Sitecraft offers its clients the whole spectrum of services in this area:

  • Process enablement and coordination
  • Business requirements engineering
  • UX design
  • Design of architecture and application engineering
  • Implementation and testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Day-2 operations and support

IT Infrastructure Engineering

Businesses cannot live without IT, while IT cannot live without infrastructure. The complexity of the infrastructure in the cloud era grew significantly. Although we do not need to care about patching or hardware upgrades anymore, companies still have to deal with hybrid clouds andsolve vendor-locking challenges of unprecedented scale.

Modern infrastructure is based on the code and requires expertise in a wide range of disciplines. Our architects and engineers help our clients in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
  • Development of Application Hosting Platforms (PaaS) on the basis of Cloud-native services
  • Infrastructure Automation and Operations optimisation

DevOps Engineering

DevOps expertise stays rare and in high demand. We are proud that we are able to satisfy our clients’ needs in this area. We are able to build flexible and efficient capability that allows multiple projects to benefit from the team of experienced DevOps Engineers and Architects without the need to drain project budgets.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline design and implementation
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC) implementation
  • Automated testing and deployment
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Security and compliance

Migration of legacy systems to Cloud

Cloud offers numerous benefits. Many companies consider it a method to modernise their business, create new opportunities and increase the agility of their organisation. However, it comes with a price. A simple lift-and-shift approach is not acceptable for any organisation with a significant IT portfolio.

In order to benefit from the cloud, most organisations must re-architect and sometimes re-engineer their applications.

Sitecraft accumulated significant experience in this area:

  • Applications portfolio analysis
  • Cloud migration strategies development
  • Cloud organisational setup and infrastructure
  • Existing applications re-architecting and re-engineering

Cybersecurity Services

There is hardly any organisation left that would allow itself to stay unaware of cyber security. Gaining expertise in this critical area is a complex process requiring a systematic approach and significant effort at different levels of the organisation. Here is what Sitecraft can help with:

  • Consulting our clients on secure architecture for their individual solutions and corporate portfolios
  • Secure infrastructure setup for new solutions and modernisation of legacy applications
  • Efficient monitoring and reporting solutions to increase awareness
Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Remote Teams

We host – You lead. Based on your specific requirements, it may include UI/UX designers, frontend and backend engineers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, Scrum Masters, and others.

Don’t need a full-cycle development team? No worries. Pick and choose those you need to complete your team setup.

How it works

We start collaborating with you to learn about your requirements, short and long-term goals, technology landscape within your company, tech skill set needed and preferred language level.
We build a Job Description for the potential candidates together. Then we start the recruitment process. Our recruiting and technical teams work hand in hand to ensure we select the best talent for your remote team.
Once a team member is hired, we ensure they have the necessary equipment to perform their duties and are onboarded into Sitecraft and your environments. Our HR and Accounting teams make them aware of policies and complete all the paperwork.
Now you have full control of your resources. However, Sitecraft is always here to maintain operational excellence and team efficiency and make required adjustments to the team setup.

Product Engineering

We Architect and Design. We Build and Run. Sitecraft takes responsibility for conceptualization, design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing product support in this model.

We engineer custom products from scratch while ensuring seamless integration with current systems and environments.

We believe a lack of talent shouldn’t stop you from growing your organization and meeting your goals. If you have an idea that will enable new digital revenue streams for your business, our full-cycle application development service makes it easy to transform your vision into a reality.

We will leave you with a modern, scalable solution that allows you to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.
With our full-cycle development service, you can save a great deal of money on recruiting and hiring qualified developers.
We are an affordable alternative that can help you achieve your goals while reducing your overhead costs.

How it works

Architect and Design: We learn about your concept, functional and non-functional requirements. This allows our engineering team to understand the big picture, design high-level architecture and start preparing a prototype. This phase is done in close collaboration with you.
Build and Test: Your concept becomes a product. The design is translated into code. It includes backend and frontend development, DevOps components engineering, testing, project status reporting.
Delivery and Release: Depending on the chosen approach we do agile releases where we deliver features in frequent cadence or focus on traditional major releases.
Maintenance and Support: We will be there for you to monitor the system and ensure it continues to function as it was designed, repair bugs and implement new features as needed.

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